Why Us We believe more in building relationships than swimming pools...

The team at Iceberg Pools has a wealth of experience, dating back to the early eighties, not only building swimming pools in the UK but also many in France. 

We have an extensive knowledge and understanding along with experience of construction work and specific expertise in hard and soft landscaping.

We know what it is like to meet a new client, listen too, advise and then deliver their dream. But more importantly, be there to keep the dream alive for many years to come with ongoing support and service.

We will explain things in simple terms, whilst complying with all relevant legislation and regulation. We will look at all the latest technology, thoroughly investigate, and only introduce any products we believe have significant benefit to the client.

Our combined knowledge and experience ensures that we achieve our client's total satisfaction in all areas of pool construction and service.


Iceberg Pools are experts in the design and construction of indoor and outdoor swimming pools, both concrete and fibreglass. See our designs, our covers, stone finishes and spas.



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